Why Radianz?

Radianz Natural Quartz Surfaces

Radianz™ quartz is a durable, high-gloss surface with a timeless, natural look. Our cutting-edge compression manufacturing method enables us to create a high-density material comprised of high-purity, natural quartz, providing a luxurious, low-maintenance surface suitable for a multitude of interior applications.

Reliable Management

Reliable Management

  • Advanced manufacturing processes
  • The assurance of a 10-year commercial warranty
  • High-quality product, certified for sustainable building practices, health care, food service and more
Eco-Friendly Solution

Eco-Friendly Solution

Excellent Durability

Excellent Durability

  • Certified Class A Fire rated
  • Resistant to heat and superficial marring
Wide Range of Colors and Patterns

Wide Range of Colors and Patterns

  • More than 70 colors available
Global network

Global Network

  • Offices in six continents with approximately 180 distribution locations in cooperation with renowned global partners
Radianz and Natural Stone

Radianz offers the beauty of natural stone, yet it eliminates the limitations of stone with state-of-the-art technical solutions.
Unlike stone, Radianz is nonporous and approved for use in health care and food service and never needs to be sealed. And because it’s composed of high-density natural quartz, it resists scratches, heat and impact.

Distinction Radianz Granite Marble
Stain Resistance Exellent Good Fair
Abrasion Resistance Exellent Exellent Fair
Chemical Resistance Exellent Good Fair
Airless Exellent Fair Fair
Flexural strength Exellent Good Fair
Color Uniformity Exellent Good Fair
Crack prevention Exellent Exellent Fair
Care & Maintenance Exellent Good Fair
  • Exellent
  • Good
  • Fair
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